Review: LogicLux Car Trash Bag

As a young person, aka little kid, I had to go on a lot of road trips with my parents. You see they had this fancy cabin place that was a few hours away, and for whatever reason my father always wanted to go there, almost every weekend. So we'd pack up the car, and I'd play my gameboy the whole way. One thing that was always a problem though was figuring out what to do with all the trash. Something that was also a problem when I went to Mammoth Cave  and a Factory Visit

So when the people over at LogicLux offered to send me their car trash bag, I knew it was perfect. I mean, I wish I'd thought of this myself. It comes from amazon, and since it's at their warehouse if you have prime you'll get free shipping. Inside the shipping box it has a plastic cover (that I removed) that's clear so you can see the car trash can underneath. It's mostly black with white and blue accents. On the sides it has mesh pockets.

Verdict: For a family, or even just someone who does a lot of road trips the LogicLux car trash bag is a great accessory to have. It fits nicely underneath a car headrest, and is secure so there aren't any worries about it spilling. It's waterproof so you can actually dump unfinished drinks in it, and the mesh sides are quite handy. 

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