Review: IntelliGlass Screen Protector

Not all that long ago I was using my old iPhone 4 and to tell the truth as much as I like my iPhone 6 I totally would have stuck it out with for another four years. What happened though was that on the way out of my house, heading to my internship I totally dropped in on the concrete. And the screen shattered completely. So I really want to protect this phone, so when I was offered the IntelliGlass screen protector to review, of course I said yes. 

Alright so you order it on on the IntellaArmour website, which is actually very easy to do. They have lots of cool phone products, many phone cases that I was interested in. It was very easy to order, and they do have a place for promotional codes. Quickly it came to my house and inside the shipping box was this this package. It has a cool looking armadillo on the front and a few interesting facts about the product.

After removing the safety seal, which means that you can't return the screen protector you get it out and install it just like those thin plastic covers that normally come with phone cases. I didn't have any trouble with the sticky side and although it is a little thicker, it doesn't mess with the touch screen sensitivity at all. Plus now I don't have to worry about my phone screen. 

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