Review: Indian Healing Clay

As someone who has naturally large pores, especially on my cheeks and nose, I'm very much into having clarifying masks as a part of my skincare routine. I've tried out volcanic mud masks and dead sea mud masks, and honestly they were all pretty cool so when the people over at Majestic Pure Cosmetics offered to send  me their Indian Healing Clay I was super excited to try it out, and compare it to the masks I currently use. 

Like all those other masks, and a lot of the beauty products that I get, this Indian Healing Clay is available via amazon. Of course that means a lot of benefits over ordering at other online retailers, like free shipping and an awesome return policy. It's packaged in a large (16 oz) tub that's clear, with a white twist off lid. Taking it off was actually a little bit of trouble, because as you can probably see, it's filled to the brim and it didn't have any sort of plastic cover over the top so some of the clay was sitting underneath the lid, and as I untwisted it would come out and spill all over my table. 

Once I finally got it open I read the instructions that said three parts water to one part clay. Of course I didn't follow that and added a little too much water, mixing it in a food bowl since that's what I have available and lathering it on my face. I found it to be a little bumpy going on, but as I practiced it was easier to apply. Dry time was very quick (about five minutes), and you'll know when it happens because the mask will start to hurt. Getting it off wasn't any trouble either and although I don't think it's as strong as other masks I've used this Indian Healing Clay does help out my pores and doesn't dry my skin out. I think it's great to use in rotation with my Derma MD Wasabi Cleanser

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