Review: Indefinite Beauty Resurrect Anti Aging Moisturizer

I'm kind of a skin care hoarder. I love trying out a bunch of different products especially the anti-aging kind because looking old isn't an option. So when the people over at Indefinite Beauty offered to send me their Resurrect Anti-Aging Moisturizer of course I said yes.

Like many beauty products I get, it comes in from Amazon. Inside their normal brown shipping box was the Indefinite Beauty Resurrect bottle which has a silver base and top as well as a white center, very similar to the Forlan Hyalurnonic Acid and Adeline Products. Around the middle is a clear label with black lettering and a purple logo. Along with it came a sample of their vitamin c eye gel. 

Verdict: I love this anti-aging moisturizer- It has matrixyl 3000 to brighten skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The vitamin c eye gel is great too, because as you might already know I love vitamin c for skin care. 

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