Review: I Am Radiant Facial Serum

A few days ago I did a post about my current skin, and hair products   of which there were a lot. One thing that I noticed was missing was a good vitamin c serum, something that's not only popular but that I've had a lot of experience with different vitamin c serums. So when the people over at Jeffen offered to send me their I am Radiant facial serum which has organ, hyaluronic acid and 20% vitamin c serum of course I wanted to try it out. 

Alright so this serum comes from amazon, like a lot of my skin care products but honestly that's a very good thing. They have easy payments and a great return policy, free return shipping even within 30 days. The Jeffen bottle itself is gorgeous. It's a dark brown glass and over it is a natural looking brown paper label with black font. Plus the I AM RADIANT name is fun, kind of like the Bare Face Mask 

Verdict: I love that this facial serum not only has vitamin c, something I've been looking to add to my skin care routine but also hyaluronic acid so it's going to cut some time out of my routine. It smells great and goes on well too. 

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