Review: GrillFella USA Magnetic Phone Mount

Something you might already know about me is that I'm a bad driver. I mean really bad. You see I didn't start doing it until I was eighteen and since then hasn't been too much time and with lots of people willing to carpool I haven't had to drive that much, which of course is a good thing bad thing. One thing that I can't live without though is a GPS. I used to use a Garmin one but after getting a new phone and discovering that the maps were better, I decided to switch over to it exclusively. 

Alright so this is an amazon product, which to me is a very good thing. If you don't like it you can always return it and the whole process is super easy. Arriving this Infernal product came in a black labeled cardboard box. Inside where three pieces that weren't all that easy to put together but eventually I figured out what each one did.

Verdict: I love the whole idea of a magnetic car mount but I'm not quite sure if it damages the phone. I mean I had a magnetic iPad case and although it was really cool, I'm pretty sure it messed with the sensors in my tablet, although I can't really prove it. I'm afraid this in car mount would do the same thing. Plus you can't have a phone case on and have it work (even one as small as my SkyRox case) which is a big issue for me. However the placement for viewing is better than using something like the Siliguy and it's much better than trying to hold it yourself. 

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