Review: Good Stuff Super Bright Rim Lights

As I mentioned when I reviewed that bike wrench I'm really getting into biking. It's a fun stress relieving activity that is actually getting me in shape so of course I love it. One thing that I haven't really been able to do though is bike at night, because it isn't safe. Even wearing bright colors or a reflective vest you aren't that visible. So when the people over at Good Stuff offered to send me their Super Bright Rim Lights - Personalized LED Colorful Wheel Lights of course I said yes. 

Now this is one of those products that come from Amazon which has a lot benefits. First of all shopping and ordering is super easy. Then there is a no worries payment, and after that a ton of shipping options to pick from. Once you do that these rim lights will arrive in a plano shipping box from Amazon and inside come in a one sided white, one sided clear plastic container. 

Verdict: When I first saw these pieces, I was a little overwhelmed. I mean when it comes to reading directions and doing complicated tasks I just kind of freeze up. Really though it's very easy to figure out and once I put them on I was super impressed. These Good Stuff rim lights are not only bright but very pretty and I don't have to worry about not being seen anymore. 

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