Review: Dream Essentials Nite Note Beside Note Pad

Here’s how it works for me. I’m tired, like can’t keep my eyes open so I go to bed. Then I’m lying there, and some how I end up wide awake. Like my mind’s racing, and I have so many ideas kind of awake. I don’t want to forget them but I know if I get up it’ll be hours before I’m back asleep. So I was super excited when I was given the Nite Note illuminating note pad. 

When you get the package, it’s in a shipping box like anything else. Inside that The Nite Note is packaged in a blue cardboard box. It has a picture of the product on the front, a note pad, and it in action.  The back has a labeled product picture and the sides have a side angle product picture. 

Verdict: Getting the batteries in this Nite Note is a little hard to do, it’s actually behind where the paper goes. The pen can sometimes stick and you only get a part of it out which is a pain. But the light is bright and works well and I like the idea of it!

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