Review: Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit

Something that I'm sure you've noticed from my outfit of the day posts is that I have bad eyebrows. They're thin and sparse, which is bad enough on it's own but when you add in the fact that they are multi colored (dark brown and blonde) so when the people over at Billion Dollar Brows offered to send me their pest sellers kit I just about freaked out. I mean it's everything I need all in one compact little box. Of course I had to share the results with you guys so I did a brief rundown of each of the products inside and if you click the link you can hop over to my full review.

Brow Gel - My eyebrows get crazy throughout the day. That's without even putting on makeup so brow gel is something that'd been on my list for awhile. I'm quite impressed with this one from Billion Dollar Brows for it's all day hold and fast dry time

Duo Highlighter and Concealer - There are a few makeup looks that having thick brows, isn't a good thing, and hiding mine is a pain. They're thick and until this duo highlighter and concealer I didn't think anything would work.

Eyebrow Pencil - If you have blonde hair, black hair, brown hair, or even red hair the one brow color that'll work is a warm brown so I was very excited to see this pencil as a part of the kit. It's soft and natural and the brush.

Smudge Brush and Pencil Sharpener - For a beginner kit these two are perfect, and since I'm always losing sharpeners I think they're perfect. Both look good and work well. 

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