Review: Astor Custom Fit Outdoor Loveseat Cover

Home improvement is something that I love doing. Painting walls,  woodworking (like making shelves or bookcases) and gardening are so much fun for me. One thing I’ve kind of noticed though is that things need to be more of maintained around my house. So when Astor (who’s log carrier I reviewed) offered to send me their love seat cover I thought it was perfect.

Just like my other Astor product it does come from Amazon. That means free shipping (if you have prime or it’s over $35 ) easy ways to pay, even if they don’t do paypal. Returns aren’t an issue either. Inside that amazon box  was the Love Seat Cover Box.  It has the Asor logo on the front as well as a product picture and some basic information. 

Verdict: I'm actually really impressed by this loveseat cover. It has a darker color on the bottom and lighter on top, I'm thinking that way you don't get things mixed around. It has buckles, as well as handles. Of course the most important thing is that it's durable and if it gets dirty you can hose it off.  

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