Review: Adeline Organic Eye Serum

Recently with the foods I've been eating I've been trying to go organic. So when the people over at Adeline offered to send me their organic eye serum I was intrigued. After quickly thinking about it I thought it'd be perfect to try out, and see how it compares with your average eye serums. 

Alright so it does come from amazon, and if you know about my beauty purchases, you'd know that it is an awesome thing. There are a lot of benefits to getting things from amazon and the only downside I can think of is the fact that you can't order with paypal. It comes in clear bottle with a silver base and cap. The midde has a clear label with the Adeline logo and black font. Actually it looks very much like the True Skin Care Under Eye Gel

Verdict: This organic eye serum from Adeline is very thin. So it is a little harder to apply but it goes into the skin well, and I love that it's made with Aloe and Cucumber two things known to fight the aging process. It's perfect if you're looking to cut out unnecessary chemicals without actually having to give up much. 

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