Review: 3-in-1 Cree LED Flashlight with Magnetized Base

I have to say that I'm not the best at driving. It's not so much that I do a bad job at it, but more of the fact that I freak out when I'm on the road. I'm constantly afraid of what could happen, one of which things is getting stranded, especially on a snowy day. So, I like to keep a few things with me, like blankets, extra socks and snow boots, along with a little travel towel. One thing I didn't ever think of was a flashlight and I'm not sure why  I didn't. So when the people over at Accessories Your Life offered to send me their 3 in 1 LED Cree flashlight with a magnetized base, of course I said yes.

Alright so like a lot of the very cool things that I get this flashlight is an amazon product. You order pick your shipping and do your payment all on the Amazon website. When it arrives, it has a nifty product box, that has a picture of the flashlight on the front, and some black informative lettering on the top, over a white cardboard box.

This battery led flashlight looks durable. It's made of metal which is always a good thing. What's cool about it thought is that it's actually three different flashlights, one that's normal, than another that lights out the top and a third that's red. It's easy to switch between them too, by just clicking the button. This light is totally going to be a part of my safety for winter car pack.

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