Review: 16GB Onite OTG USB Flash Drive

I'm a college student. Along with a ton of studying one thing that's ever constant is the need for technology products. Specifically laptops, tablets, and most importantly flash drives that way I can store the work I've done. So when the people over at Onite (who's phone charger I reviewed) offered to send me a flash drive of course I said yes!

It is an amazon product something that's very good for technology products because if you have any issues you can easily return it. Shipping is cheap and payments are easy which are two other very nice things. This flash drive comes in a cardboard label Onite box.

Verdict: I love that this is a 16 GB flash drive which is perfect for downloading a textbook. It's pretty cool because it has a connection to a USB as well as one for a cellphone. The blue color is nice too!

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