Pets: Christmas Selfies and Photos of Cricket

I've had so many pictures of Cricket hanging out on my phone so I figured I could do a little photo dump. First up is two selfies with Cricket on Christmas day while wearing my black beanie from the animal print outfit. I was opening up my Christmas presents and she decided to sit with me.  Then there's a random selfie before a funny photo of Cricket looking at my Mosaic.  Then three more selfies of us just hanging out. In two of them have she has her mouth partially open which to me looks ridiculous. hen two close ups before a photo I took trying to show how fat she is. Unfortunately I accidentally had the flash on. 

Three fail photos trying to get Cricket to play with that Christmas Toy , after that yet another fail. This was her playing in a box and I wanted to take a picture of it, but had the flash on yet again. To annoy her I put a Santa hat on her. Then she decided to sit with some of my Christmas presents. I was thinking of doing a "Christmas Haul" but didn't really feel motivated to this year. Then another DIY fail photo to end this dump. 

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