Life Photos: Train House, School, and Way Home

When I'm really bored at school, yes I'm aware that I should just be studying, I tend to look up houses that are for sale. Normally I look at ones n my local area but sometimes I venture out to ones that are in different cities. I found this beauty in Chicago. It was some sort of train station that's been redone until a 15,000 house. The inside is very modern, and you couldn't tell it'd ever been anything but a house. I think my dream would be to do a renovation like this myself.

Then there are some pictures of school. Left overs from my first week at school as well as my first day.  The first one is just a pretty view out the window. Then lockers in the basement. I'm thinking about renting one out because at $5 for a semester it'd be worth it since this creepy hall is in between my classes. Then stairs leading out of the basement, and an old computer that's hanging out in the technology building. Last is what was supposed to be a super cool photo of a partial rainbow, but by the time I thought to take the picture it was half gone, and the half that was there didn't show up in my photo. 

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