Life Photos: Three Different People, Blood?, A Cat

Starting out with the big picture. I first took a shot of that train station house in my last life photos post, and somehow I took a second one that mostly consisted of my mac's keyboard. And a piece of my hand. Then I had to take a picture of this girl that was sitting all the way across the hall from me. I thought she was some guy I knew (not because she looks masculine just because the guy I know looks a little feminine an I'm a little dumb) and I was really excited to see him. When I realized it wasn't him of course I had to send him a picture of his soul mate. Then a terrible picture of my mother talking on the phone. Her facial expression is awesome. 

The last of the bottom row is a picture of some kid I sit next to in my C.A.D. class. The whole class is super terrible. We go through a powerpoint that has nothing to do with anything and then do a lab on our own. This kid helps me out half the time and distracts me from my work the other half. So it's iffy if I need to move seats. Above that is something really gross. It's in the women's bathroom in a stall. The streak looks like blood but I'm really hoping that it's rust or something instead. Because if it is blood, well you know where it came from. Last is a super blurry picture of my used cat Cricket.

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