Life Photos: Shopping on Mass Ave.

If you remember, I blogged about going to the Indianapolis Museum of Art well that same day we also decided to shop for a little while on Mass Ave which is of course in downtown Indy. Originally the plan was to stop at a yarn shop but it was closed due to the holidays so this was the alternative. I was going to do a full post about shopping but after taking the pictures it just didn't seem front page worth. 

I mean we went to a shop that had a lot of cool products from around the world that looked hand crafted, but really I can get that kind of a thing from Etsy, although it wasn't nearly as expensive as Etsy and they do say that the people get fair wages. Their shop actually had a ton of gorgeous scarfs to look at but I knew that I already had plenty sitting at home. I totally would have bought the swan head one if it were $20 instead of $40. The women inside were quite nice too. 

Across the street was a more art related shop with local artists' work featured some of which was in the form of cards, which were quite funny. Then back on the other side of the street was silver jewelry, which of course I love, as well as some interesting products. 

Overall it was fun looking around, and I did buy a few things. But a big shoutout to the City of Indianapolis for their exorbitant parking costs. I mean really? The shops (or the people they rent it from) are paying property tax and if I buy something then I'm paying sales tax some of which goes directly to the city.

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