Life Photos: Shopping is TERRIBLE

If I learned anything in this one Friday it's that shopping, grocery shopping that is, is terrible. I had tow gallons of milk and it looked like the people in front of me were finishing up. The checkout person brought my stuff to the front while the people in front of me wanted the tax free thing so that their $4 worth of items that were going to be taxed wouldn't be. So I had to wait 15 minutes behind them over less than $1 so Christian. Later in the day I had to go back to Aldi to take my Grandmother and her sister. First of course I had to say hello to the dog. We ended up getting a box because we forgot our bags, but it wasn't enough. Then off to walmart.

Clearly I don't have that great of a temper because they stressed me out. Luckily we did find a quite outfit for my cousin to wear (some Issac designer walmart has is AMAZING) the grocery shopping though took it out of me. I actually snapped a picture of the alcohol because of it. 

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