Life Photos: School People, Instagram Purge, Airport Intern

The first photo is one that I send to the other intern at the Airport (an unpaid high schooler) trying to convince him I was too crazy to work with. In it is a gorgeous girl who I believe used to be of the "scene" variety, and is quite cool. Next to her is an awkward homeschool boy. We were finishing up a math take home partner exam, which sounds like a good thing, but it was terrible. Next is how that airport boy got my number. His phone takes crappy pictures and he needed one of this poster for a project and so I took it to him and emailed it. For some reason my phone decided to send it via iMessage. Next is a screen shot of my instagram page before the big purge. After the purge I lost some followers, but in the next week or so I doubled my original number so I'm not sure exactly what happened. Although my blog did see increased traffic during that time so? 

Then some money. A little less than $300 to be exact. It's the company's fall taxes that they pay to the airport (they rent the land) and I was surprised that I was trusted enough to take this money to city hall. Above that is a picture my boss asked for in the middle of an emergency airport board meeting. Last is a picture of my desk. 

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