Life Photos: Peta2 December Missions

Maybe you guys know this but I'm a big fan of peta. When I was younger that wasn't the case but I've warmed up to them quite a bit. A lot of their causes are really cool. So I downloaded their street team app which is the easiest way to get involved. A lot of the actions are simply sharing posts which is super easy to do, and you get points for cool things like Veggie Shirts  or Peta branded t-shirts

The big one was putting that picture as your cover photo on Facebook and personally I think it's gorgeous. Then adding the Peta2 next number to your phone contacts. A picture of a sad seaworld whale, and thanks giving. Then wool which tends to not be very nice. Last is a video to share. 

Looking at these photos and doing this post I kind of realized something. Although I like to put all the photos I've taken on to my blog, there are especially boring. They're just screen shots of photos PETA put together. So I think this will be the last time I share 1 minute missions that I've done. 

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