Life Photos: Heat Sensitive Check, Glam ST, Tags, 1 Milk

Back at my internship, I did some check processing and came across this one. It's supposed to have some sort of verified thing that'll change color with heat. So I tried to put my thumb on it for a minute, and nothing. I was very disappointed. Then a photo of icy rain on my windshield which can be very bad for an airport. I had to drive downtown in it, but since the temperature was a few degrees above freezing it wasn't too bad. Then there's glam street. I agreed to do an (unpaid) press release on them in exchange that they'd promote it. Well I tried the app, which is supposed to do virtual makeup and it looked terrible. Like embarrassing. So I tried to pick a different picture and the app kept crashing, and would let me switch. It would even let me see if I could change my skin color to see if that would help. I emailed the company and when I explained to them what happened they didn't quite "get it" making me think they just contracted out this whole job. Kind of a joke.

While using the airport vehicle one day on my way back from the city building this light came on and the car made a weird sound. Of course I freaked out a little and had no idea what it meant. Luckily it turned off after a little bit, and I never saw it again. One embarrassing thing happened awhile back. I was wearing a very comfy jacket of mine, one I had worn once or twice before and then I noticed that it still had the tags on it. Last is some milk I had at the grocery store. Since I went in at an off time I had to wait for them to come to the register something I'd never experience before. 

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