Life Photos: Grapic Design, Hawk, Love Email

First up might just be the last of my airport photos. Although I only have a very basic understanding of adobe photoshop my boss wanted me to do two different designs that look like the floor plan for the airport terminal remodel. Well, I only had about two hours to do them which wasn't nearly enough time but I'm quite happy with how they look. Below that is a hawk that was hanging out near where I live. Then a picture of my arm after having blood taken. 

Next to that is a bow. You take it out of the package then pull and it magically becomes a huge, and perfect bow. After that is a picture from my blogging time. It's all the code that blogger does for you before a post. Last is a love email (remember when someone came on to me through a message system?) that I got. It was terribly awkward so awkward in fact that I'm going to post it (leaving out anything that might identify the sender) 

"Thank you very much!...Hanna... I have to tell you something... This is so hard I don't know where to start. But listen Hanna I like you. I like you ALOT. I never had the balls to say anything because people already give us shit at school. When people do talk about us I do imagine us holding hands, giving hugs, or me taking you fishing. (Just make sure you bring the sunscreen, I wouldn't want to ruin that beautiful skin of yours) ;) As much shit I give everybody plus you I have to say that I love gingers, killa's (aka friend's name here), and blondes. I'm sorry I give you the hardest time, but you know what they say that means I like you. I just hope you like me back. :)"

I was so creeped out that I just kind of left it, but since I see the kid all the time, actually sat next to him in class after reading this email. 

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