Life Photos: A Football Robot, Vending Machine, Addiction Test

The first photo is from last Friday. I was sitting around trying to study, when this boy came over looking for his friend. Of course I had no idea who his friend was so he went off and eventually they came back together. Actually the quite disrupted my studying because they started messing with their robot who was quite loud. On the plus side they were quite friendly and told me about some competition it's for, a robot football game. Remember those sun chips I bought? Well I put a five in the vending machine expecting to get my change back in coins and it spit out dollars at me. First time I've seen it happen (I know I'm a loser) and it made me laugh. Then a picture of what should be an outlet in the classroom I have. They go through the effort to buy seating with outlets but are then too lazy to do the electrical work? Too bad because it would have been super nice. 

The a photo of my soup along with two fork. He was supposed to pass out the silverware and instead of giving a fork and spoon, this is what happened. I though it was pretty funny and said I'd shame him on my blog so why not? Then this really weird app I found. It's about fighting addition to adult films (if ya know what I mean) and the first thing you do is take a test to see how addicted you are. After answering the questions honestly, although it really is set up for a male, it told me I was 65% addicted which is in no way at all true. I'm 0% addicted so I'm sure the whole thing is a piece. Last is a photo of my arm. I was reviewing the ageless derma skin brightener and I wanted to see how opaque it was. As it turns out not even enough coverage to blog the difference. 

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