Life Photos: Extras from the Art Museum

The same day I went shopping on Mass Ave.  I also went to the Indianapolis Art Museum which I blogged about.  Because I felt like I was already overloading you with pictures and I knew the page was going to be slow enough at loading I decided to only have a few (more like ten) select photos. However I didn't want to just delete the others so here they are. 

First is an awkward selfie of me with the same piece that is on the bottom row. It's a simple black line design but I quite liked it, especially with the shadows it made. Then a selfie I was trying to take with the Indian God Ganesh who's installation I went to last year  I didn't want to get to close to him so the picture didn't quite work out. Then a selfie with the wall that was more of a joke than anything before a shot of the weirdest modern art exhibit ever. On the next row is a painting that looks pretty plain but when you get up close it actually has a lot of detail. Then a random shot of the museum, before a picture of the modern art wall. One cool modern art piece was the one that's last on the row. It's actually of little people and you can walk on it, which is kind of like them holding you up. 

Down a row was the room that seemed like things should have a price. I really liked this fiesta ware style tea kettle. Then me trying to do the same pose as the statue. After that a very terrible pencil drawing that looks like something I might have made. I must not have enough culture to get it. Then one that I liked although it looks a bit like a murder is going to happen. Of course I also liked this fox and rabbit painting mostly because I like both animals, although I think there is supposed to be meaning behind it. The african embroidered coat was quite cool, and I liked this oil painting. 

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