Life Photos: Christmas Photos by Lexi

I talked about how Christmas wasn't quite the same and one of the things that were different was the fact that instead of having Christmas Eve at my grandmother's house we had it at my house which meant that I had to hang out with my young cousin Alexis. She of course took my phone and decided she needed to take pictures of everything starting out with me, and then her. Then one of the fancy little light up necklaces that my mother gave to us and then the fish. After that on to my used cat Cricket   who did a great job being around a five year old. Then the last three are photos I took. A Christmas card from my Uncle Ricky the present I gave Lexi. It looked like a lot of fun and she wanted to play with it but once we opened the box I changed my mind because it was assembly required. Then my father not wanting to wear my necklace. 

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