Life Photos: 2014 & Beyond Lots of Stuff

First is a picture of my garage. Since I don't have "blogging room" like my mother has a sewing room, and my father has an office my over flow goes into the garage, and until we have a garage sale it's looking pretty terrible. After that is a photo of a Christmas present my dad gave to my mom. He had the store wrap it making it the nicest wrapped present we had. Then a picture of the Smile Brilliant box, who's results I love. Then me writing Dec 31 when I had to buy my overpriced parking pass. I thought it was going to be the last time I wrote it but I ended up going to the bank after that. Then a picture of pots at store. After that my little haul from Mass Ave Shopping two worry dolls, a card and a wooden ornament. Then two pictures of the finished chest that I made with my grandfather that's finally in my bedroom. A photo of the full post office parking lot. Then me taking a picture of the video I was making. 

Of course this one is a little controversial my grandfather with a deer. I was quite proud of him because he's 82 and still hunting (and even dragging the deer himself) and since other than what he hunts they don't eat meat (for health reasons) it isn't a big deal. Much better than factory farming in my opinion. After that a random shot of my mom. Then the package that my mosaic came in. Then a selfie sort of shot of my bird sweater and pencil skirt outfit. After that are some very pretty flowers at my grandmother's house. Lots of Amazon packages at my house, school books and all. 

Last row! All the money I found sitting around my room. I thought it was like $1000 but when I counted it it was $668  in USD. Took it to the bank the next day, and pretty sure they thought I was a stripper, when in fact I just was keeping too much cash around. The next two photos are those sort of letters to the editors. The first was a super racist one about vouchers for education saying we have an "immigrant problem, many of them uneducated" Please say that to my parents, unless they aren't the brown Mexicans you actually mean when you say immigrant problem. Really made me mad, like fuming. The other one was just plan stupid. Trying to say the #blacklivesmatter should be used for abortion. Last are very cute photos of my Grandparents cats. 

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