I really could be doing MORE (I'm ready for Winter Break)


I'm sure from the outside it looks like I'm doing quite a few things. I go to school full time (that's based on the number of credit hours I have) have an internship where I get in about 25 hours a week (paid of course, if you remember my rant) have a "modeling" job on the weekends, get in a little babysitting (a job about every other weekend) and still try and keep up on my blog. But I feel lazy. I look around and see all the opportunities that I can try for and just don't feel like I'm making the cut. I did that dream board of things that I want and have been trying the whole secret thing... But I need to do things... Whenever I find myself lazying around watching television or playing games on my computer/phone I always feel guilty. That hour or two could have been spent submitting my portfolio to high end modeling agencies, answering a casting call, writing a post over here on my blog or dare I say studying. Luckily it's about 20 days until winter break which will not only mean the end to school, but also my internship and the "modeling" job I have which will give me a whole lot of time to refocus and figure out what I'm doing. 

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