How To: Christmas Themed Cat Toy (from a sock)

I wanted to make a new toy for Cricket my used cat , so  I already had purchased some cat nip when the pet store had a half price sale, because I knew I'd need it for something, and when I realized that had an old sock that was beyond use for feet, I came up with the perfect DIY that's simple enough to do with an extra few minutes. Not only does my cat like it, but I like that it's cheap and upcyled. 

Cat nip
old Christmas print sock
small fabric scrap
needle, matching thread
Sewing machine (optional)
Step 1:
Cut the sock into sections discarding the thin sections such as the toe and heel. If there are discolored spots cut them out. You can easily match the pattern on the sock to what you want on the cat toy.  I made 2 toys from 1 ankle sock. One was smaller and the other larger. 

Step 2:
Sew up one end of the sock section. his will give it a square shape. This could be done either by machine or hand with a needle and thread. 

Step 3:  
Using a small scrap of fabric make a  pouch of about the same size as the sock section.  Fill with cat nip and sew the opening closed, this will keep the cat nip from leaking out. 

Step 4:  Insert the filled pouch into the sock section, this will keep the cat nip from working its way through the sock.  Sew the sock opening closed, tie off the thread and toss the new toy to your happy cat! 

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