Food Photos: Trying BOLD Organics Rising Crust Pizza

One of the favorite foods in my house is pizza. Something that I think is shared with more households than just mine. Normally it's my parents and I on a Saturday night and often my friend who hangs out with me. I would say us but they're totally there for me, I think. So when I was given the chance to have my pizza supplied for me thanks to the people over at Bold Organics of course I said yes. Especially when I found out that they're an organic pizza company. I'm a huge fan of organic foods. 

Alright so they gave me a coupon to get it free. Then I had to find out where it was. Which wasn't hard since the Kroger a few miles down the road had it. They had a few different varieties, cheese, pepperoni and sausage and since they didn't have anything vegan I let my parents pick what they wanted to have, sausage (still trying to get them to stop eating meat). So we took it home and tried to patiently wait until Saturday to have it. Then just preheat the oven pop it in and after 15 minutes the pizza's done.

Verdict: It is a smaller pizza, what I'd consider an almost three person one. Where if you have a salad or something else to go with it, it is a meal for three people. So my friend and parents had it. All three though it was awesome, and they convinced me to try a bite, one of course without sausage. So I did and it's great. It has a little spice, hence the bold name, and is the best frozen pizza I've had. 

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