Food Photos: Pizza Buffet and German Stuff

The first photo is of one that I actually liked quite well. My family was at a pizza buffet and they didn't just have pizza so my first stop was to get a ton of this macaroni stuff, which was cold. Along with that I got a lot of pickles, and while the texture was great they were just okay. Below that is a poptart, that while burnt was quite good. Then a meal at Culver's that consisted of fries and onion rings. 

Next on the list is an ice cream thing. I had a bite, but it wasn't really for me although I was persuaded to eat more I held my own. Actually this was right after the eyelash extensions. Above that is a german meal of mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. It wasn't a strong sauerkraut so I didn't mind it. Last is the pizza I ate at that buffet. 

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