Food Photos: Dofino Edam, Green Beans & Mustard

The first photo is one that although came from me wasn't for me to eat. Sometime I get coupons in the mail and it's not things I eat, but lucky for me my parents do, or more lucky for them they eat it. Apparently this Edam cheese was quite good and if I weren't vegan I'd totally have it because vegan cheese just isn't that great, unless it's cooked in something like my broccoli soup . Below that is a chocolate pudding that I had at school as a snack along with some crackers. Then a wonderful dinner of soft tacos with lettuce and guacamole on top along with some Cha texas pete hot sauce .

After that is some bread that I ate. I used to hate having those little seeds on top but now I enjoy the texture contrast. Which sounds pretty weird to say. Then two kisses during my programing class. The boy next to me pretended to take one and I offered it but he said he had is own food. After that he preceded to eat doughnuts in front of me. Last is a very good dinner of mashed potatoes, green beans mustard and black beans. A whole lot of protein is what that is. 

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