Food Photos: Airport Treat, School Breadstick, Home Food

First up is a treat I had during my airport internship. There was some emergency airport meeting, and the director brought in all kinds of stuff for them to eat. Of course they didn't have it all so I had the rest of the stuff, five doughnuts in total. Then for lunch one day I had crappy cafeteria breadsticks that were cold. Next a typical airport breakfast/snack since I had to be in by 7:30. Animal crackers, raisins , banana and almonds.

Popcorn is one of those things I tend to eat for a snack. It would be pretty healthy except I salt and butter it a ton. Then a vegetable broth and carrot with swirly noodles. My favorite was potatoes with broccoli and cheese on top. Very healthy, vegan (thanks to fake cheese) and delicious. 

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