Food Photos: 2014 And Beyond Meals

I've really been trying to clean out all of my phone photos, so I decided to lump the last of my food photos all together instead of doing the whole six at a time thing. First is a weird food my mother made. Some kind of soft pasta with fake cheese and peas. To sop up the cheese a piece of bread to go with it. Then a "chicken" salad with grapes and spinach. After that is a picture of the three empty chia water bottles because one was so good that it was taken home with one of my mother's guests. Then a normal Saturday dinner of pizza and salad.

 Another weird cheese meal but I think this one has potatoes underneath. The next meal was good though. It was shell pasta mayo and a salad. Hummus dip which was excellent before a cookie that I had at a dealership, along with the portrait below. It was supposed to be a short oil change but we ended up being there two hours because they over booked. Should have just brought another car and picked it up later. At least there was some hot guy on the local news making food. Irish boys are my thing, along with Asian ones. And basically any other hot guy... Then a meal at my grandmother's house who's a very good cook. Even simple meals she has a talent for. After shopping at Mass Ave and before going to the Art Museum  we had pizza at the Bazbeaux which was very good. While there I thought I saw someone I used to know but I'm not really sure because he seemed like he was staff since he was messing with plates. He used to have a fancy (but low paying) job, and I looked to see if I could see him later but I didn't.  Maybe it was just my imagination. Then macaroni and "cheese" with broccoli. 

Last row is an amazing potato soup my mother made, good tacos, and some weird tofu thing. Then eating some holiday snaps. I totally forgot the third row though in this whole food thing. Black bean walking taco, a banana bread cake that was amazing and I should have shared my recipe of, Chili and some kind of soup at the end. 

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