Food Photos: 2 Soups, Chili, Pizza Too

First up is an interesting soup I had while trying out different recipes. It's a sort of minestrone deal but with a little more bean types. I loved it so it might be one I try again. Then a bean chili that I had which was very good although I prefer elbow macaroni over the string sort of pasta. The an amazing portrait like treat. I'm afraid if I eat too many I'll get sick of them or they'll clog me up. Either of which would be bad. 

Then there's a photo of my parents and friends Bold Organics Pizza. I tried a bit so I can say that it's pretty awesome. I personally just had the bean salad that's also pictured, which was quite good so I can't complain too much. Then another "cheese" soup with a grilled "cheese" sandwich. I'm thinking about doing a recipe over it since my vegan cheddar cheese broccoli soup recipe went over so well. Last is a photo of sun chips that I couldn't stop myself from getting at the vending machine. I know I talked previously about how bad they are but I was hungry before class, and they were right there. I couldn't stop myself. 

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