Face Photos: Video, Blonde Roots, Ugly Last Two

The first two photos I think actually look quite good. It's a little more of an adult look than I normally go for, and a little more stern but for the video I was making it was the look I needed. My hair looked super fancy thanks to the Kiss InstaWave. Then a photo afterwards of me with my hair up making a very helpless face. The next two rows clearly show the roots that I've been growing out, although I have to say that I like how I look in all of them. After that is a photo of my eyes looking particularly big, me trying to be sporty with a headband on and then two photos of me looking in my opinion quite good. Especially if you consider that I didn't have any makeup on, not even BB cream and din't do a thing with my hair. Of course I happen to look terrible and dog like in the last two photos so I shouldn't be too proud of myself. 

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