Face Photos: Pretty Winter Coat, Meat Coupon, Sunglasses

First up is a photo of me that I think is gorgeous. My face shape is awesome, my skin is clear and although my eyes are big it isn't in an overwhelming way. The coat looks cute too. The best part though is that was all a no makeup shot and I didn't do a thing with my hair. Next is one that is also no makeup no hair, but it isn't good at all. Then on the final day at the airport I got my free ham coupon which is everyone's christmas gift. Since I'm not a meat eater I didn't use it for myself but that's okay.

Next is another good looking photo of me, wearing a shirt from a Kohls haul. There does seem to be a weird spot on my eyebrow though. Then a photo of me wearing  pirate hat. If it weren't for the weird face I was making I think it'd be nice too. Last a picture of me wearing one of my school mates sunglasses. 

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