Face Photos: Cheekbone, Cute, Eye?, Bad Chin

The first photo is a selfie I took while laying on the couch and although it isn't that great overall can I just say look at my cheekbone. I mean I look like some sort of sharp goddess. And if I remember correctly I haven't always had these amazing babes. Then a photo of me looking, in my opinion, quite cute when I had that milkshake on MLK day. Somehow I look nice in these but none of my ones holding my drink do I look good in. Last in the row is a photo of me looking tired but I think nice. 

A row down has a crazy photo of me and my terrible looking chin. Afterwards an awful selfie with my used cat cricket and then at the end of the row, and covering the next row me in my purple ombre sweater taking a ton of pictures of myself. One of which is a close up of my eye because those eyelash extensions were really bothering me. Not sure if I like them anymore. 

The next row has one last picture of me in that purple sweater. After that there is two more selfies of me. One in a grey sweatshirt and one in a pink cardigan. The last row is me wearing my fancy houndstooth coat trying to look cute in the first too photos. Achieved in the first I think and then an expressionless one just to see how I look. 

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