Face Photos: Before After Makeup, In the Sun, Pretty?

I mentioned on my post about my first week of school, that sometimes I take photos of myself and decide that they're good enough to use in blog posts. Well none of these photos are that. They're just ones that I take whenever I have to check myself out in the front camera of my phone. First is a before and after photo of me with a makeup app. Although the results look a little fake it's amazing to see the difference, and how "hot" I could look if I put the effort in. Next to that is a funny photo of me squinting at the sun. Then a crazy one after I got my eyelash extensions put on

Next are two photos of me wearing that red plaid Oasap shirt with the chrome filter that's on my iPhone. Down a row are a bunch of photos of my posing in my prettiest winter coat, at school and in the car. Then three of me with my hair up looking pretty good, although I'm having second thoughts about the salvation army thrifted coat. It just feels weird to wear. Last is a photo of me wearing the red white and blue batwing shirt from today. I think for second day hair that hasn't been brushed either and no makeup I look pretty good. 

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