Do Wedding Dresses Have to Be Expensive?

Although I still have a lot of time before I get married, I mean I haven't even finished college yet, I'm already thinking about it. I see so many bloggers with beautiful weddings and I want that myself. For the venue I see either a beautiful cathedral or a trendy vineyard location. As for the decorations, as much as I hate the whole shabby chic thing in houses that's how I want to go, all in shades of grey which I think would give it a more modern feel. As far as food goes, I think the whole buffet thing is a little tacky so I'd go with different plate options even though I'm sure it's way more expensive. Even though I've been considering all of those things what I've been thinking about most is wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses because I mean, I am a lady. 

What I've began to notice was that wedding dresses can be quite expensive. Looking at a few traditional shops I saw the designs I liked, A-line with a full skirt, strapless with a little beading (I know I'm really specific) selling for well over $10,000. With all the other dream things that I want I'm sure that I won't have that much in the budget. So when I saw that TopsWedding had the exact dress I was looking for, for less than $300 and with free shipping and with so many available even if I change my mind I'm sure they'll have it. And if you like different styles they have those too. They even have bridesmaid dresses, a huge variety of them with lots of different color options, also at great prices so you know your girls are going to be getting a good deal. So when it comes to my wedding day I know where I can save a little money. 

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