Curtains in General at CTWOTOP

 As someone who's very interested in home renovation there's two secrets I know to making any home look better. First of all is having headboards on beds, something that I've considered making myself since they can be quite expensive and unless done custom tend to be a little odd looking instead of elegant. On the other hand is the very different and equally important thing that you can easily do to class up your home curtains. Now normally these can be quite expensive. Actually I do know a little about custom curtains and between having to have your fabric picked out a person come and do an initial measurement and then custom made, another measurement before they're finally done. That's saying that everything goes the right way. The whole thing is quite expensive and takes a ton of time which is bad if you're coming into a new home and need window coverings. Because of course you can't just have sheets put up. That's why I was excited to see they have all sorts of cool different curtain designs. For your living room, bedroom and even kitchen. Each of which can be customized to fit your exact needs. There are a ton of different style size options for each print which is super cool.
Of course CTWOTOP also has shower curtains which is really cool in my opinion. Surprisingly it isn't that easy to find quite ones either, and going from store to store can be a little bit of a drag.  I mean looking and looking and only seeing maybe one cute option that you get your hopes up about to find out it doesn't even fit your desires isn't any good. Looking around at the shower curtains I see that it's not going to be a problem with CTWOTOP the options are great and you get to pick out the size for many of the ones you want as well as things like how it's going to hang. You can see above one of my favorite shower curtains

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