Book Review: Bible Favorites One Sentence StoryBook

Bible Favorites One Sentence StoryBook
Written by Nancy I. Sanders Illustrated by Hannah Wood

Once sentence. One Bible story. One great teachable moment. Each story book contains beginning vocabulary words and charming illustrations as well as a devotional activity for parent and child to do together. All these elements combine for an outstanding educational and faith-building experience. 10 individual story books inside. Recommend for ages 3 to 5. 

Alright so this book is a little different than your average little story book. It comes in a cardboard box illustrated in the same manner that the story is. It opens up with a velcro piece and it has a nice place for all of the cards to sit. They each have a few pages, and are nicely written, of course in one sentence that quite summarizes the stories. If you like Bible and Prayers, or Candle Prayers for Kids Bible Favorites One Sentence StoryBook is perfect for you. 

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