Weddingshe: Gorgeous Dresses for YOU

Have you guys heard of Weddingshe? The answer here should be a very loud yes, because they are amazing. But don't feel too bad if the answer is no, because it was just last week that I discovered them. Since then I can honestly say I've been spending a lot of time on their site. You see, they have everything from designer evening dresses to discount cocktail dresses so the possibilities for what to buy and later wear from their site are endless. Before I get into talking about my favorite dresses, let me tell you a little about them. 

Weddingshe is an online global dress shop that has been at the forefront of global marketing. They've always been popular but right now are experiencing even more rapid growth adding happy customers constantly as well as more and more gorgeous dresses. You can find a whole lot of things like cocktail gowns exclusively designed for women  and looks that can be customized just for you and what event you're going to and they even have cool things like shoes, gloves and petticoats to make your look even more unique. Let me show you a few of my favorites. 
 Before my hair was brown I couldn't wear vibrant yellows like the dress above but now, I'm all about them. I love the sparkle inserts and the flowing skirt. Below that might be my favorite dress on the whole site, an Indian inspired dress. It has crystals on the top all the way to the hips in a beautiful design and a train that is embroidered in gold. Last but not least though is that blue sparkle dress. It looks good with ANY skin or hair color and the high waistline is so slimming. Like what I picked? Go ahead and find your own elegant dress to wear to an evening party I'm sure Weddingshe will have it. 


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