Trying out the Secret and my "Dream Board"

A few weeks ago I was bored and decided to search around Hulu for a documentary to watch (yes I know I could have been studying) and came across a documentary explaining "The Secret", and let me tell you, I have my doubts, but it seemed to have some merits like being goal oriented and maintaining a positive outlook so I decided I could give it a try and tell you guys how it works out. I figured I might as well share a few of my long term / lifetime goals. Although I do have short term ones, I feel like I shouldn't really share those publicly, but I will be updating my "Secret Journey" and probably talk about them then. 

  • That House - As the first and biggest piece of my dream board, I went looking around for houses in the Indianapolis area and found this beauty for $6.5 million. Over 16,000 sq ft, and eight acres and design wise probably one of the coolest (it's asian inspired) I've seen. 
  •  College Degree - Can I just start by saying that school sucks? But the most likely way to getting all of the other things on my dream board is by getting my engineering degree, and hopefully that psychology one I that I want just for fun. 
  • Blogging - Even if I can't keep up the 3 days to 7 days a week blogging goal that I have for myself right now, I really want to have some sort of writing platform for the rest of my life. Even if no one reads my crap (although I really hope they do) I love getting my ideas and feelings out here. As well as sharing things that inspire me!
  • Jewelry - I have a borderline obsession with Tiffany's so of course one of my dream goals is to own a few of their blue book pieces like the necklace above. I mean I wouldn't be opposed to other brands though. 
  • Marriage - I debated putting this one up, because to be honest although it's a pretty common goal I'm not sure if it's one of mine. Right now I don't want to be in any sort of romantic relationship. Not only do I not have the time, but thanks to my last one I just don't have the desire. Being with him was probably the worst decision I've ever made, and I was completely miserable, everything about it was terrible, and really made life hard for me, how he treated me. I just would be much happier without having anything like that again. 
  • Politics - I feel like this one is a one day I want to and the next I don't sort of thing, but it'd be fun to be on city council or something like that. Not become president. 

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