Roundup: Book Reviews (October) + a Giveaway

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Vegan Holiday Cooking from Candle Cafe - Being a vegan, or at least trying to be one, can be a huge struggle. Especially when the holidays come around and you, or at least I, feel like I need to indulge in all of the traditional food. This Candle Cafe cookbook makes that easy to do, with recipes that aren't hard to make or find ingredients for. 

Awakening to God - I think a big question that people ask themselves, is what is their purpose. Personally I know that I haven't found mine yet so Awakening to God interested me a lot. I just wish it had more solid information. 

A Matter of Heart - I love a western sort of romance and this book is just that. It's perfect for when you're feeling down, you know just a little sad. They always cheer me up and being historical is no hard deal either. 

The Bachelor - Another historical romance, although this one I didn't like quite as much. It was good, but I hated the plot. Pretty girl has to decide between true love and rich guy that she's already attached to. Both are great so the decision is hard. The whole thing is over played. 

 A Robertson Family Christmas - I wanted to like this book, I really did. Duck Dynasty is like the conservative's answer to the Kardashians and I love that but this book, not so much. It reeks of the writer thinking her family is perfect and that it would be such an honor to be around them. Sorry but no. 

Move On - Earlier this month when this book came was the perfect time for me. I have so much trouble just letting go of things. Constantly I want to plan out everything to the finest detail, instead of having God take over. This book helps with that. 

If You Follow Me - Pam Rhodes is an author I've read a little bit from. Each and everyone of her books is fantastic and if you follow me was no exception. I love the story line and the characters.  

Kidnapped by the Taliban - With all the ISIS unrest in the middle east right now, this book is out at a great time. Although it is from the view of a taliban captive it offers a look into the people holding him as well. Nice change of perspective.

Happy Handmade Home - This is a book that I really wanted to like. I love DIY, and I was hoping to get some fun ideas. Unfortunately I only liked about two projects and the rest were just ok. Mostly restyling or reusing something, not actually making anything. The pictures are beautiful though. 

The Invisible Front -  Mental illness is something that doesn't get enough attention in the United States. It's shamed and hidden from the public eye, especially in our armed forces. The Invisible Front tries to bring it out in the forefront, and does a great job of showing an individual family's struggle.

Permission to Doubt - It seems like you can't ask hard questions, and sometimes even easy ones about faith without offending someone. So I love that Ann C. Sullivan writes a whole book about being able to question and doubt teachings. 

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