Roundup: Beauty Reviews (Nov 3 - Nov 9)

Paula Dorf 2 + 1 Brows - Most of the time I feel like my brows are the bane of my beauty routine. They're multicolored (black and blonde) and no matter what they just look odd. So when I was approached about trying out Paula Dorf's powered brow filler and wax of course I wanted to do it. 


 Foxbrim Ultra Lift Treatment - Wrinkles aren't something I have yet, but I want keep from getting them so anytime I'm offered an anti-aging product to review, I immediately say yes. It didn't hurt though that this ultra lift treatment is from Foxbrim, a brand I'm a big fan of. 

Body Merry Stretch Mark Cream - I don't have stretch marks, probably because I don't have any kids (although I have heard of people getting them from growing), but I do have a few scars so when I heard Body Merry had a product to help dissipate them, I needed to check it out. 

Lashem Brow Tint - I'd been looking for a nice mascara like, trust me regular mascara doesn't cut it, I've tried, so when this Lashem Brow Tint showed up at my house I was very excited to try it out. Unfortunately I'm not currently a blond so It doesn't quite fit into my makeup routine but that doesn't mean I don't love it.   
Envy Derm Mascara - I've done two previous reviews featuring Envy Derm, so I was pretty excited when I was offered the chance to do a third. Of course since it's mascara, one of the only makeup products I use on the regular I was even more excited. I did have a big concern that it'd take a long time to dry though. 

BeautyOils.Co Rosehip Oil - Let me start by saying the packaging on this Beauty Oils. Co product is the best. I love the retro font and color scheme so much. And the Rosehip oil, a great all natural moisturizer is a great moisturizer. 

Body Merry Retinol Surge Moisturizer - I feel like I can never have enough lotions and moisturizers. Especially with the upcoming dry weather thanks to winter, I'm in need of something good. And this Body Merry lotion with retinol isn't a bad place to start. 

Yuri Beautiful Skin Care Serum - In the past six months I've basically gone from knowing nothing about skin care, to trying out a plethora of products and learning quite a bit. I was however a little surprised by this signature serum. It has the look of a normal serum feels like a lotion going on, and does well for my skin. 

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