Roundup: Beauty Reviews (Nov 17-30)

 Foxbrim Argan Oil - I have bad hair. It's terrible but I've come to accept it as one of my (many) burdens to bear. So I was happy to get to try out something that's all natural to help me out. This Argan oil is more brown and less nutty smelling then other versions I've tried which is a good thing.  

 Oleavin Beauty Facial Moisturizer - I love a good moisturizer. So when this beauty arrived, and I do mean beauty because both the box and the bottle are very pretty. This moisturizer is a little bit thicker than I expected for a facial one but the results were good. 
Forlan Skincare Hyaluronic - Hyaluronic acid is an awesome thing. It's perfect for dry skin, and it works for sensitive skin. So when I was offered this Forlan product to try out, I thought it'd be perfect since during the winter my skin gets terribly dry. 
 Yumi Asteria Serum - I'm used to serums coming in small glass bottles with a dropper dispenser. However since I've tried out and loved a few Yumi products I figured I could trust them on their big blue serum and I wasn't disappointed. 
 Erase by Luxurience - I have to admit, when I first saw this erase by luxuriance I thought it was actually a fancy wrinkle cream. I was totally wrong though because it's actually a micro scrub. It feels good, and is colorless and scentless. 
 The Pluckers Tweezer Set - I've previously tried out a few different Bella and Bear products. So when they asked me about trying out another one I was super excited. These plucker tweezer set is not only cute but all three work well. 
 Bonapiel Vitamin C Serum - Since discovering vitamin c as not just a thing that is good for my nutrition but for my skin as well, I've noticed a big improvement. It helps fight sun damage as well as moisturize my skin. Plus this Bonapiel version smells great.  
 Ageless Derma Swiss Apple Stem Cell Moisturizer  - Just looking at the packaging I think this ageless derma (I've tried out a couple of their products) looks pretty cool. But in that bottle is a little bit of magic, and I have to say I'm enjoying it quite a bit. 
 Beauty Oils Co Pomegranate Oil - Maybe I've just been in the dark but I had no idea you could use pomegranate seed oil on your skin. I mean I knew pomegranates were good for you. So I decided I could try this out.
Life Essentials Vitamin C Serum - As the second vitamin c serum that I reviewed this week I was really looking for the differences. This serum is stronger than the other product, and actually more of an overnight sort of thing. 

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