Roundup: Beauty Reviews (Nov 10-16)

 Tweezit Tweezers - I used to have a huge thing about making sure my eyebrows looked perfect, not a hair out of place. Now that bushy brows are more in style I'm kind of regretting all that plucking but I still need a good pair of tweezers for random hairs so I figured I could try these out. 

 Foxbrim Vitamin C Serum - Vitamin C serums seem to be all the craze right now, and to tell the truth I've tried out quite a few different ones looking for the holy grail. So when the people over at Foxbrim (who's products I love) offered to send me theirs to try out, of course I reviewed it. 
 Orgins Anti-Aging Moisturizer - I'm all about lotions, and moisturizer, as well as anti-aging products, so of course when there is a product that is a combination of the two, I'm interested. That's exactly what this Luxuriance product is.  
 Blackhead Remover / Pimple Extractor  - A few years ago I saw one of these tools in a beauty video by an Asian blogger, and ever since I'd wanted one. So when I had the opportunity to review one from Majestic Bombay of course I was excited. It's a pretty cool tool but not quite what I thought it was. 
 Amari Vitamin C Serum - Vitamin C serums are known for their qualities that help to not only fight the signs of aging but also repair sun damage to your skin. I figured I might as well try out the version by the people over at Amari.  
 Lavo Dead Sea Mud Mask - I absolutely loved the first Lavo mask that I had. So when I was given a chance to try out their dead sea mud mask of course I said yes. I was surprised though when it came with a honey almond scrub sample, and the whole thing was even better than I expected.  
 Oz Naturals Eye Gel - Although I don't have all that much experience with eye gels I was very excited that Oz Naturals had one for me to try out. It has all kinds of stuff that's supposed to be good for you, like vitamin e and peptide complex. 
 Azure Naturals Emu Oil - Honestly I didn't know what Emu oil was when this product arrived at my house. So I did some research and was horrified to find out it actually is made from the Emu bird. Who would use this stuff!?
 Azure Naturals Ultimate Argan - My hair isn't the best thing ever. Not only does it have an issue of looking oily somehow at the same time, it looks damaged and frizzy. So of course I'm interested in any natural product that's going to help me out.  
Azure Naturals Ultimate Rosehip Oil - I've seen rosehip oil in everything from skin care products to vitamin supplements so when I was given the chance to review this rosehip seed oil, I immediately took the opportunity.  

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