Review: Zaca Recover Patch

I have to say that I'm not a big partier. My favorite person to hang out with tends to be myself. Lately however I've had a few opportunities to go out, and have fun while "working" and actually have enjoyed "partying" more than I thought I would. However there is one thing I don't enjoy, how I feel afterwards, so of course I said yes when the people over at Zaca offered to send me their recovery patches to try out. 

Alright so they come in a six pack inside a black cardboard box. On the front of the box is the Zaca name and logo as well as a dark grey insert with the product description and quantity listed on it. It opens at the top, envelope style and the patches come out in sets of two, you just peel them off and apply.

Verdict: Since you have to put this on before you head out not once you're  feeling bad it is a little hard to remember to do. However the results are great. Gone was my headache, and sore body the next morning. All the ingredients seem to be good for you. 

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