Review: Your Weigh Adjustable 1lb. Wrist-Ankle Weights

I'm not the most fit lady on the block, and to tell the truth I think that's not the best thing. Although I try, it doesn't seem like muscle ever builds up, which is kind of a problem. Especially if I do running as my exercise which is basically what I do any time I decide to get in shape. So when the people over at Your Weigh sent me a pair of wrist or ankle weights to try out I was super excited. 

Alright so like that muscle roller, and yoga towel that I got awhile back this Your Weigh Adjustable Wrist-Ankle Weights came from amazon, and as you might already know, I think that's a very good thing. They didn't come with in fancy packaging, but you can get them in pink or black which is awesome. 

Verdict: I decided to use these weights on a run. At first I didn't even notice them on, but towards the end of my time, I was feeling it. The add just enough weight that I can feel resistance but not so much that I'm struggling. Plus they're durable and look cute!

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