Review: Yoga Strap Me D Ring Strap


You probably know this thanks to my numerous posts about it, like What to Wear to Yoga , Doing Yoga with my Cat, and my mat but in case you didn't I love yoga. So when the people over at SF Enterprise offered to send me their Yoga Strap Me of course I said yes. I mean I can always use something to help me work out.

Alright so like almost everything (or it would seem) this yoga strap is available on amazon. That means that of course you have free shipping (with prime) easy payment, basically two steps, and returns and tracking the package isn't an issue. Since it's so small it was shipped in the trademark amazon box with a few other products. The packaging on the Yoga Strap Me just has it's name and plastic protection for the strap.

Verdict: If you're new at yoga or just trying to work on a new pose, this is perfect. It is a huge help and since it's six feet in length it'll work for any pose. The color is nice, and it actually takes wear really well. 

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